Why Would I Want Free Crypto?

 Why do I need crypto period never mind FREE crypto currency?

Crypto currency in general tends to go up in value over time.  For example, if you were to transport yourself back in time to April of 2011.  At the time bitcoin was worth only $1 per a coin.  If you look at the current value today it is $60.931.70 per a coin.  So, let say you had 100 coins , or $100 worth in April of 2011 it would be worth a 100 x (lets say 61,000) or about $6,100,000 now.  Not a bad chunk of change eh?

That's just 1 example. Let's look at another crytocurrency Etherium..  On August 15th, 2015 (not long ago) it was worth $.67 (67 cents) a coin.  So lets say you had a $100 bucks invest you'd have a about 150 coins.  Today Etherium is worth $4312.33 and you'd have about $650,000 !!  Of course if you would have bought coin even sooner than that you can see how much more it would be worth for the same investment.

Now, of course not all crypto is jumping up like these 2 have but that doesn't mean that the next cryptos in their infancy stage aren't out there right now waiting for you to invest and profit .  So, if you have the potential to make this much on crypto in the long haul it only makes sense that if you have the option to get some for free it's probably a good idea to gram some while you can.   

That's what this site will be dedicated to doing.  We will find the best opportunities to earn/get free crypto from across the web and put it on here for you to grab as often as we see the promotions / opportunities pop up.

Bookmark .. .Save,  Whatever you got to do... Check back you will be glad you did .  Maybe you won't be glad immediately but  , but maybe 6 or 10 years in the future you will be .  😉

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